Why Is Everybody Talking About “Woke”

By Maureen Anderson

The left and right are taking sides on the word “woke,” but what does it really mean? The Oxford Dictionary defines “woke” as “alert to injustice,” and the Urban Dictionary says it’s somebody that’s “pretentious about how much they care about social issues.” The inane discussions about the word “woke” epitomize what’s wrong with politics in America, especially on the left. This is why it’s more important than ever to merge moderate Republicans and Democrats to create a Pro-Constitution Centrist party that represents the views of the majority of Americans.

What’s Wrong with “Woke?”

The mainstream definition of “woke” is to become cognizant of racial and social injustice. There’s nothing wrong with this in and of itself, but the concept is being used by the extremes (be honest, mostly on the left – the right is guilty of passivity and laziness, if anything) to polarize and divide Americans, impeding any actual progress with improving these issues. We all saw the horror of George Floyd’s death on video, but that atrocity shouldn’t require every person in this country to become an activist historian and the United States doesn’t need a social justice police to censor people’s opinions. There were 330 million police interactions last year – and only 19 such incidents. Tragic, but not unexpected in such a large nation. The reality is that most Americans are much more concerned about their own family and the challenges they face financially. It’s so easy for those that sit in an ivory towers, in company boardrooms and summers on the coast of Maine, to hold others accountable for social justice gaffes. On the left, the liberal elite, the greediest of billionaires that don’t want to pay workers a living wage launch well financed campaigns about the horrors of “wokeness” in order to maintain a status quo of low wages and that benefits their already overstuffed bank accounts.  The collapse of Champlain Towers has shown us what happens when regulations are too lax, and the supermajority of Americans are not real estate moguls and support safety regulations. The debate for and against “woke” culture is a distraction from creating reasonable laws that protect and empower the success of citizens of all races and classes.

Ending Cancel Culture, Once and For All

The first amendment right to free speech is one of our most important rights as Americans, but in our polarized political climate common sense is losing ground. The far right is out of line with the beliefs of most Americans when they claim that the right to use the “N” word is as American as apple pie, but the far left’s nitpicking about every little word choice a person makes, borders on the absurd and childish (and, let’s face it – wimpy. Not sexy). The PRA envisions a super-majority party where civility is the norm and the extremes stop getting all the attention. It’s undisputed that the majority of Americans are socially accepting, politically responsible and opposed to the extremes of both parties. The United States needs to return to being a land of opportunity where careers are not ruined by a few stray words. Americans need to come together to oppose the modern-day McCarthyism of the left that is stifling the free exchange of ideas without giving free reign to robber barons or establishment political hacks that are out of touch with the needs of regular Americans.

Patriots Renewing America

Patriots Renewing America (PRA) seeks to bring Centrists, Conservatives, Libertarians and Moderate Democrats together on a wide range of issues that have the overwhelming support of the majority of American people. For more information or to join our movement click here.