What’s Wrong With Critical Race Theory? I’ll tell you….

By Anne Smith

Critical race theory (CRT) is an academic outgrowth of the Marxist orientated critical legal studies (CLS) movement that examined how legal institutions in the United States primarily serve the interests of the wealthy and privileged. The core premise of CRT is that racism is a social construct that’s inextricably embedded in our legal system and that action must be taken to address this evil. This niche academic area of study exploded onto the scene after the death of George Floyd, stealing the headlines away from important issues that most Americans agree on. It’s simply another example of why pro-constitution, centrist organizations such as Patriots Renewing America (PRA) are needed to bring sanity back into American politics.

Who Likes CRT?

With all the play CRT gets on the news, one might think that most Democrats support it and most Republicans oppose it, but that’s far from the whole story. A recent Economist/YouGov found that 2/3 of Americans don’t even know what CRT is, with only a small difference between Democrats (32%) and Republicans (41%.) In the group that’s heard of CRT, only 28% of Democrats and 2% of Republicans think it’s a good idea. In this same poll, the vast majority of Americans of all races and political persuasions (71%) believe systemic racism exists, with 52% of Republicans agreeing with the statement that racism remains a problem today in the United States.

Clouding The Issue

Is the wave of state laws banning CRT a response to the evils of this academic theory that flirts with Marxism or is there something else going on as well. A recent Brown University poll shows overwhelming support for teaching about the history of slavery and its role in history (Secret: It’s been around since the ancient Romans and was not an American “invention”) – that is not the same as Critical Race Theory, which is essentially reverse-racism and flies in the face of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. It’s one thing to be teaching overall history going back to 1619 – quite another to blame America for the concept of slavery. Many of the founding father expressed reservations about that societal structure even back then, but were unsure about how to address it in an environment of perceived economic necessity. Now – 250 years later, as usual, both the radical left and the conservative right are too busy pointing fingers at each other to do what actually needs to be done to improve education and understanding, both how and why. Why are we letting a tiny minority on the extremes dictate the dialogue?

Patriots Renewing America

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