(Author wishes to remain anonymous)


Folks, we live in dangerous times. We have an administration in the Whitehouse which seems hell-bent on destroying the country, while lining their own pockets and the pockets of their establishment, elitist friends and family. They don’t give a damn about the average American; but the problem the average American has is that they so desperately want to believe that their government cares about them. They don’t. And they never have.

Governments exist for only three reasons:

  • To control their populations;
  • To line their own pockets and make the insiders and participants wealthy;
  • To gain, further and maintain POWER at all costs.


To a government, everyone is potential collateral damage. One death, a hundred, a thousand, ten thousand, it makes no difference to a government. You MUST learn to acknowledge and accept this. Collateral damage, often the result of unseen, behind-the-scenes operations on the part of a government, is the price they believe they must pay to achieve 50 or 100-year, long term strategic objectives. You are, in fact, just a useful idiot to the Federal Government, one in which their leaders must pacify publicly with pronouncements on just how much they “care” about your well-being and how, if you just have “hope”, things will change for the better. They don’t. They never have. And they never will. End of story.

When I was 21 years old, I could afford a house, new truck in the driveway, new jet skis in the garage, and a parade of girlfriends – all from stocking shelves at the grocery store at night (a union job since busted) while going to school (college) in the morning and afternoon. Nowadays, that same 21yo kid often doesn’t even own a car, typically lives at home, has never been on a traditional date, and holds his latest apple cell phone and X-Box as his most prized possessions.

During this long, slow decline in the standard of living over the last 40 years, you sit as the proverbial frog in the pot of water; the temperature of inflation and stagnant wages unnoticed as it is ever so gradually turned up. What’s changed is the government and our not-so-illustrious “leaders” (using that term very loosely) don’t even make the effort to hide their efforts to damage this country – and its residents – as much as possible. This brings us to a term which the PRA has coined to describe what’s going on:


Look around at what’s happening; all these negative elements, everything that is happening. It can only be described as a systematic shutdown of you.

  • Stripping you of your wealth in a hundred different ways, i.e.;
    • Higher Taxes across everything.
    • Destroying your ability to work or run your business with exaggerated “pandemics” like COVID, which, as we find out now, may have been bio-engineered and release intentionally (like the West Nile virus – more on that later).
    • Printing and distributing fiat money, reducing the value of the dollars already in circulation.
    • Distributing money to individuals at a rate higher than many jobs pay, thus getting people dependent upon the government.
    • Creating, or at the very least, complicitly allowing shortages of food, gasoline, building materials and hardware and everyday ordinary sundry items that you use every day.


  • Reducing testosterone levels in men, primarily through hormones and chemicals added to the food supply. Male testosterone levels are down 30% from a generation ago. This creates passive men who will just sit around and accept whatever fodder a government throws at them;


  • Feminization and softening of every industry – again, to make you less aggressive, more passive, less prone to fight for what you think is right, etc. Treating ordinary rambunctious boy behavior with drugs like Ritalin – the indoctrination is starting young.


  • A push for increased alternative sexuality and an over-promotion of the LGBQ lifestyles. Science has show that since the beginning of time, 8-10% of the population has been homosexual. In fact, ancient Rome did not even have a word for gay. Sex was just sex. But what’s happening now is a push into the straight communities, irrespective of the natural rates of occurrence – and the reasons a government would do this may actually be as insidious as;


    • Decreasing population;
    • Deliberately creating anxiety, depression and driving up suicide rates; (Remember, every death is one less potential person collecting government benefits, social security, etc. Tax implication are negated since 50% of the population pays no Federal income tax – they are dead weight and a liability to a Federal Government)
    • A further softening of society with continued erosion of Alpha male characteristics, personalities which may rise up, challenge and fight a government;


  • Reducing real, in-person opportunities for people to meet each other and get together (such as the COVID blatant violation of the Constitution and people’s right to peacefully assemble.


  • Decreased fertility rates – again, probably through hormones and chemicals in our foods. A push for legal abortions through the 3rd This has nothing to do with birth control – it’s population control.


  • Elimination of all dating sites, social meet-ups, even salacious dating sites to prevent you from having sex or having sexual opportunities. Regulating adult behavior so that ADULTS don’t have the right to regulate their own sexual activity.


  • Decreased socialization skills – as a result of reducing or eliminating young people’s abilities to interact and learn critical social skills. This has happened over the last 20 years and with the schools being shutdown on some states for more than one year, the one place where kids learn to interact has been taken away. In addition, social media has driven the same demographic further online, with the subsequent effects of staring into a screen further reducing opportunities to interact in person.


  • Less travel, with government institution openly encouraging you to NOT travel and to just stay at home and watch TV (this has actually been happening for decades; I remember at age 18, a cop telling us when we were out cruising in our cars that we should “be at home watching TV.” Shameful.


  • The media suggesting that you “eat bugs” in the event of meat and poultry shortages; while the establishment and elitists will continue to enjoy their $30 steaks, which will be $50 dollars in the near future because of inflation.


  • An overall DECREASE in the numbers of goods and services you can buy, conditioning you to do more with less, and to live with less.


  • Telling you that you will own NOTHING in the future – and will be happy about it.


These are just SOME examples of the systematic shutdown of you – and – they’re all occurring right now, in real-time, as you’re reading this. The media is for the most part, not reporting on this – because they don’t want you to see them turning the heat up on that stove; the frogs in the proverbial pot – us – well, most of us have no idea this is happening.

So, the PRA would like to ask you – what are you going to do about it?




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