The Darkness Ahead: How the Democrat Party is using Sectarian Tactics to Create Chaos.

By Ret. Major Joseph Labarbera, United States Army

March 2021

To combat the ascendancy of Donald Trump who redirected American foreign policy from being globalist to nationalist, the democrat party became a sectarian force. As a combat veteran of 8 campaigns across 54 months in 3 sectarian conflicts, as a student of history, I perceive the actions of the current Democratic Party to resemble that of sectarian powers which inspired chaos and violence in their societies. My frame of experience is Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan; all of which were primarily sectarian conflicts. This work defines sectarianism as: “Economic, social or political factions exercising personal attitudes or behaviors and perpetuated by groups and their self-interests.” A sectarian agenda is seen where those they target are ruined in some way, shape or form. This strategy is ultimately doomed because it doesn’t truly win, but instead marginalizes and antagonizes reactions which lead to violence where totalitarian rule rises from the ashes of the chaos. What we witness now in America is the Democrat Party doing just that.

A sectarian group operates with the following methodology:

1. Creates an ad hoc doctrine of legitimacy. American democrats follow the quack historian Howard Zinn who attacked the United States as illegitimate. Using historical injustices common to human history, they assign the traits of these injustices to anyone who disagrees with them, and those who agree, are afforded an air of legitimacy. This doctrine grows on faux outrage against the history of their enemy. The refusal to qualify their doctrine is their shield, as the sectarian avoids being constrained by their own chaotic ideology as they lack an articulated end-state, which is chaos and destruction for a world they feel like misfits in.

2. Assigns ubiquitous guilt using denunciation. The sectarian operates to remove legal rights from their enemy, and therefore courts and justice are an impediment to them. They recreate court functions with controlled media and public slander to destroy those they don’t agree with. Trial by jury and representative legislation is anathema for them. The sectarian seeks to silence disagreement by costing people their jobs or casting aspersions of shame on enemy’s family and friends.

3. Sabotages legitimate political processes: Since the sectarian is ultimately illegal, and oriented on undoing the legitimate process of their society, they find was to sabotage the process either by exploiting loopholes or denouncing it as illegitimate. They call verifying votes illegitimate based on 100-year-old past attempts at voter suppression done in remote areas, in spite of the Supreme court validating Voter ID requirements in Crawford vs Marion County ( The sectarian goes on to circumvent electoral processes my manipulating the procedures and frustrating their adversaries attempts at voting or registering, or denouncing those who vote against them, creating discord at home, work and in public for those people. On local levels, the sectarian harasses local government officials who go against them, disrupts proceedings and sends agents to make threats against political leaders from the other side.

4. Weaponizes the law against their adversaries. The sectarian either uses the police and military to punish their enemies or uses the courts to disrupt the actions of these forces with frivolous and false grievances. In the case of the American democrats, they saw American police forces as racist and brutal so they capitalized on events to destroy careers and defund police agencies, hamstringing the police prior to instigating national scale riots designed to target their opposition. The police were effete to reacting as the local political regimes favored the sectarian democrats and threatened to punish police who did their jobs. When the sectarian sees opportunity, they are quick to turn the police apparatus against their enemy, and afford them grand license to be ruthless. The sectarian does this by intimidating political leaders into denouncing their enemies and then compelling the police to target them.

Beating sectarian forces in their early stages requires quickly taking power from the enabling bureaucracy and replacing them with political counter-operatives. The majority of people cower in a sectarian conflict, leaving it to be a war between extremes. To defeat the democrats in this conflict, the imperative is election integrity with voter ID and rebuilding the GOP fundraising machine.