It’s Obvious That Covid Came from the Wuhan Lab

By Anne Smith

Two wrongs don’t make a right, and the racism that’s been aimed at Asian Americans shouldn’t negate how obvious it is that Covid originated at Wuhan Lab. There’s no exact evidence yet that the Chinese were developing it as a bioweapon, but it is highly suspicious and politically convenient against a President (Trump) that was economically tough on China; but to that I ask: so why has the anger towards Chinese-Americans (and Chinese people) been so virulent? Why has the fantasy that it was a coincidence that it happened to arise in close proximity to the “Wuhan Novel Respiratory Coronavirus Lab” been the mantra? Top officials such as former President Trump, Robert Redfield, Anthony Fauci and President Biden all agree that the “lab theory” makes sense, so why is it still so controversial? It’s happening because the polarization of the extreme left and right makes agreeing on anything rational so difficult. That’s why it’s so important for Centrists to come together to oppose polarization and develop sane policies. Patriots Renewing America (PRA) is working towards this end with a pro-constitution, socially accepting, fiscally responsible platform based on what the super-majority of Americans support.

When Did Reason Leave This Country?

Why didn’t we close our borders sooner when we became aware of the spread of Covid? It was much too late when President Trump finally stopped flights in from China, but the political will to close off all international (and maybe even domestic) air traffic wasn’t there, so the virus had free passage via Europe and other countries to make its way into JFK airport and sweep through the United States. Once it was here, the political football impeded reasonable efforts to keep it under control. We had the crazies on the left mandating wearing 3 masks outdoors while jogging alone and the nutcases on the right pretending that there was no Pandemic (regardless of origin). This left everybody else picking sides instead of doing what was actually helpful to containing the disease. Sane Centrist leadership would have balanced this virus with the realities of other viruses, like the common influenza virus, saved many lives during the Pandemic and reduced the trauma to our children from not being able to go to school in person so long. That’s why we need a Centrist Party that believes in the social contract between citizens to merge moderate Democrats and Republicans into a super majority party that serves the practical needs of most Americans.

Pro-Constitution Centrism Is What This Country Needs Right Now:

When you turn off CNN, MSNBC and FOX News, the silence echoes with the need for responsible Pro-Constitution Centrism and just plain common sense. Merging moderate Democrats, Centrists, Libertarians and Republicans with a platform with principled opposition to political extremes.