The P.R.A -

Patriots Renewing America

A Non-Profit Corporation Chartered in Nevada with Headquarters in Texas

 Pro-Constitution – Socially Accepting – Fiscally Responsible - A Merger of Moderate Republicans and Moderate Democrats

 Our sole purpose is to merge Centrists, Conservatives, Libertarians and Moderate Democrats against the so-called "progressive", Radical Far-Left and Establishment Elitists (FACT: They are less than 10% of voting-age adults).

We need YOU to join US(A)


PRA Background

  PRA Background It was originally started as a philosophy by two guys (working in IT Security, both Government and Private companies, domestic and international) at Yale University back in 2006. Initially it was just a manifesto, but then more people were...


STAND YOUR GROUND: (Author wishes to remain anonymous) Those who argue that self-defense equals force reasonably necessary to defend yourself, miss the point that that is a very retroactively subjective measurement. As a Marine who trained for war in Iraq, deployed,...